Membership Process

NYCHG is comprised of the best in class professionals to provide a resource to each other and the hospitality community. We are continuously looking to expand and improve by adding new members.

NYCHG members are encouraged to invite potential members, who do not conflict with current membership, and meet with each candidate.

Qualifications to be Considered For Membership:

  • Complete an NYCHG Membership Application
  • Attend up to 2 roundtable meetings
  • Meet with 5 specific NYCHG members under the direction of leadership (Leigh & Derek)

o   It is in the best interest to meet with the majority of NYCHG members.

Membership Conflicts:

  • NYCHG Leadership will address any potential conflicts with unrelated guests from the website or another source to our roundtable meetings
  • It is the responsibility of the NYCHG member inviting a guest to consider and address any potential conflicts to the meeting with other NYCHG members.
  • NYCHG members are responsible to raise any potential conflicts to leadership

Membership Process:

  • Membership Application Is Reviewed By Leadership
  • All Potential Conflicts Within NYCHG  Are Addressed By Leadership
  • NYCHG Members & Leadership will vote on candidates


  • We are targeting a timetable of 3 to 4 months. This schedule will provide the time to gain insight on the commitment level of the candidate(s) and opportunity to make a full evaluation and explore all options for the open NYCHG category.

We encourage all of us to be open minded about guests that may conflict and/or overlap with the services we provide.  Our goal is to maximize the exposure of NYCHG.

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