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Our members are dynamic professionals dedicated to providing the hospitality industry with top tier, essential services.


Our Members Do It All

Do you own, operate or manage a restaurant? NYCHG has an expertise for every aspect of your business. This chart can help you find out which member & service is the right fit for you.

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NYCHG Member Aaron Smyle, Tax, Compliance and Financial Planning
Aaron T. Smyle

Tax, Compliance and Financial Planning

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Adam Gross

Legal - Employment Law

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Adam Smith

Experiential Marketing

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Ashley Bradford

Food Service Supply Distributor

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NYCHG Member Bella Karakis, Intellectual Property Law, F&B Incubator
Bella I Karakis

Intellectual Property Law, F&B Incubator

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NYCHG Member Derek Sherman, Insurance & Risk Management
Derek Sherman

Insurance & Risk Management

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NYCHG Douglas Riccardi, Restaurant Brand Development
Douglas Riccardi

Restaurant Brand Development

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Dr. Joel R. Grassi Th.D.

Integrated Pest Management

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NYCHG Member Elke Hofmann, Business Lawyer, Alcoholic Beverage Lawyer
Elke A. Hofmann, Esq.

Legal - Business and Alcoholic Beverage Law

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Harmony Trujillo

Maintenance Programs, Cleaning, Porter Services, Disinfection Services

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Jimmy Page

Digital Marketing

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NYCHG Member Kash Singh, General Construction
Kash Singh

General Construction

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NYCHG Member Kate Edwards, Hospitality consulting, leadership training and coaching
Kate Edwards

Executive Coaching, Team Training & Consulting

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Lydia Hsu Headshot
Nandu Awatramani

Restaurant Business Coaching and Advisory

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Scott Landers

Food Delivery Consulting

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NYCHG Member Suzan Wines, Architecture and Interior Design
Suzan Wines

Architecture and Interior Design

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NYCHG Member Tara Berman, CFO Accountant