Tips Included

Tips Included is a collection of articles covering current news and industry resources for the hospitality community in NYC.

NYCHG Member Kash Singh, General Construction
Meet the NYCHG Members: Kash Singh of Aerial Design and Build

Meet the NYCHG Members: Kash Singh of Aerial Design and Build You might think Kash Singh and the team at Aerial Design & Build, one of New York’s best construction firms, had a lot of idle time in the last year, but you’d be wrong. Because restaurants were deemed essential, Singh and his partners remained […]

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People sitting on chair in front of table while holding pens during daytime
Why Communication Is Key to Mitigating Risk

It’s a fact that running a restaurant is risky business. And it’s not just the slim margins or the projected failure rate. With sharp knives, multiple staffers, guests, and open flames, they are rife with the risk of injury or liability. However, Derek Sherman of EB Cohen Insurance & Risk Management believes operators can reduce […]

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Pest Control and COVID-19

This new reality has naturally led all of us to wonder if we can catch COVID-19 from pests like rodents or roaches, and what we can do to protect ourselves.

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Dining with Danger: Part 1

What Health Risks Do Pests Pose to You, Your Staff, and Your Guests?

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Residents, Restaurants, and Rodent Realities

Learn from pest specialist on how we can best safeguard ourselves from the notorious and increasingly aggressive NYC rat

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The Most Dangerous Chemicals in Your Home Have Nothing to Do with Pest Control

We obviously live in a world where chemicals are a necessary part of life, and they must be used properly and in accordance with their labels. But without a doubt, the most dangerous chemicals in the average person’s home have nothing to do with pest control

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Why Mosquitoes Are a Bigger Concern Than Ever

The mosquito, an entirely self-serving creature, is unconcerned with the stress and distress it afflicts upon the human race. We have no alternative but to be concerned about it.

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Keep Yourself Off the Menu!

A distasteful reality: while not as common as flies, rodents, and other pests, bed bugs are a year-round threat to any restaurant.

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Your Restaurant is Amazing (To Pests)

The things we love about New York restaurants are the very ones that make them appealing to pests — but we don’t have to be hospitable to them…

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Douglas Riccardi of MEMO NY Shares 5 Restaurant Branding Do’s + Don’ts

It’s a branded world and we’re just living in it. While savvy restaurateurs understand the power of their brand, they can make mistakes along the way. Learn from member Douglas Riccardi of Memo NY as he highlights some important do’s and don’ts for when you’re building your restaurant’s brand.

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Learning to Lead

Learn from Kate Edwards about how to lead

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How the Delivery Experience Evolved in 2020

For a year now, Bradford has helped clients navigate the ever-changing needs of restaurants that predominantly offered delivery and take-out, some for the first time ever.

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Kitchen Connect’s Chris Jaeckle on Why He’s Bullish About New York City Restaurants

Award-winning chef Chris Jaeckle, who runs Kitchen Connect Consulting, remains optimistic for the future of restaurants. Read on to find out why he’s choosing a glass-half-full outlook.

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NYCHG Douglas Riccardi, Restaurant Brand Development
Meet the NYCHG Members: Douglas Riccardi of MEMO NY

Learn more about our Member Douglas Riccardi!

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Insurers Turn to Automation

Here are the ways automation can help create resiliency in insurance organizations, ensuring that operations run smoothly and effectively:

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How Restaurateurs Can Weather the COVID-19 Storm

Restaurant closures, both temporary and permanent, continue around New York City, and its restaurateurs are grappling with ever-changing regulations and cold winter days and nights.

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Reducing Risk in Delivery

For restaurants today, it’s not a matter of if I deliver, it’s how I deliver. Yet regardless of how an operator chooses to execute their delivery logistics, procedures must be implemented to reduce the risks associated with food delivery.

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Taryn Brandes Headshot
Meet the NYCHG Members: A Q + A with Urban Brand’s Taryn Brandes

Taryn Brandes’s passion for restaurants and real estate runs deep. Get to know Taryn and how her services can help your organization grow.

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NYC Skyline at Sunset
Taryn Brandes on 4 Things You Need to Know About NYC Restaurant Real Estate Now

As many operators continue to struggle, given the latest ban on indoor dining and the arrival of the cold winter weather, there are hospitality pros who are still planning for a brighter, vaccinated future.

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Local SEO Map
Local Search: 5 Ways to Boost Your Restaurant’s SEO & Online Visibility

You’ve got the best menu in town. The most instagram-friendly decor. The best staff, delivering an unbeatable guest experience. But you still have to fill your seat with hungry guests…

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Make These Essential Updates in 2020

The new year – and new decade – has arrived, and with it many good intentions for making changes to your business. The internet abounds with forecasts and predictions for what is on the horizon, and these aspirations can be inspiring

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