Interested in joining NYCHG? Read about our membership application process and find out how you can become an NYCHG member today!

Membership Application Process and Expectations

We’re actively seeking members who are experts in their specialty and who focus on serving the NYC restaurant community. Our members are committed to sharing their knowledge and expertise and acting as a resource to one another and those we serve. We focus on sharing our knowledge in order to discover new insights and gain a dynamic perspective of the world of hospitality and the NYC restaurant scene. NYCHG welcomes new members who represent non-competing specialties. 
Prospective members must: 

  • Own or manage an established hospitality service provider firm
  • Attend 2 Roundtable Meetings to discover more about NYCHG
  • Fill out our online application and express interest to the membership committee 

Once a prospective member’s application has been reviewed and accepted, they must: 

  • Identify 5 NYCHG members they would like to meet
  • Reach out to the membership committee to discuss these choices
  • Meet with all 5 members prior to membership approval

Meeting participation is required of all members. In joining NYCHG as a member, you are expected to attend roundtable meetings that occur every other week as well as various events and outings throughout the year. Our Member Roundtable Meetings are scheduled from 9:00-10:30 am every other Tuesday and take place at various hospitality venues around the 5 boroughs. Our events include outings and happy hours at various times and locations and we like to feature our clients’ locations for both meetings and events.